About Us

Who We Are

International Inspection Centre Co W.L.L is a multifaceted, professionally staffed Kuwaiti Company serving the engineering inspection and NDE needs of the Middle East and specializing in the Arabian Gulf. We are pioneers in providing quality, result-oriented and innovative capabilities to its clients throughout the Arab World.

The 1980's was a period of spectacular growth and achievement in the Arabian Gulf. It was also the period when our expertise grew significantly with a strength of 50 professionals. Through dedicated services and a vision to excel, we marked our presence to the challenging requirements of the 1990's. In 1993 we expanded our activities further by venturing in the marine sectors by establishing a marine division to serve both the shipping and insurance industries in the Arabian Peninsula.

Destructive and Non-destructive testing is our specialty. We are actively involved in general/specialized inspection services to meet the mechanical, electrical and civil engineering requirements of any specific assignments by maintaining more than 900 specialized professionals and sophisticated technologies. Moreover we provide specialized Engineers, Inspectors, Technicians and Operators on contract basis to our valued clients.

Our destructive / Corrosion / Metallurgical lab is operated by highly qualified professionals and equipped with advanced technologies. Our technical and operating procedures are meeting all requirements of ISO 17025 were the certification process completed in 2015

We have demonstrated to our clients the practicality and benefit of combining specific international expertise with in-depth appreciation of local requirements.

Our first ISO certification process was successfully completed in 1996 and was awarded ISO 9002:1994. Strict implementation of our Quality Management System is maintaining our certification updated and valid till date holding the present certification ISO 9001:2008.

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to serving your needs.

President’s Message

International Inspection Centre Co. W.L.L has diversified its activities and enhanced its technical capabilities with the latest technologies to meet the emerging demand of the industrial markets. INTREX Management has over 40 years of experience in providing and executing Projects to the fullest satisfaction of local and International contractors. We have a remarkable record of achievement and we are proud of our contribution to the industry. Intrex has trained and developed training programs for Multi discipline Technicians to handle and to serve the industry with the latest technologies and to operate and report to the stringent codes and standards. I believe that we need to stay focused to increase our capabilities, to fulfill all the future demands of our clients, so we can add and increase our knowledge to meet all our targeted goals for the ultimate benefit of our clients.


Our vision is to become a leader in the inspection industries by offering quality, timely and cost effective services to the Oil, Gas, Power and Petrochemical Industries throughout Middle East.

We have more than 900 well trained employees in various specializations who are dedicated to provide innovative inspection solutions and services that can bring customer satisfaction.


The goal of International Inspection Centre Co W.L.L has always been and will remain “Customer Satisfaction”. The commitment to Quality has followed INTREX throughout its thirty plus years making it known within the Industry, the distinction of producing product of services with extremely limited tolerances.

The quality system adopted by INTREX is a truly ‘Internal’ system based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008

INTREX Management is committed to provide the direction and means to implement the quality policy through the following objectives:-

  • Ensure maximum Customer Satisfaction by adhering to quality standards in the technologies, products and services that we deliver.
  • Providing efficient timely services and delivery.
  • Providing our Customers with the best value for our products and services.
  • Providing open, effective communications with our customers and suppliers.
  • Ensure that when complaints are received, they will be attended to in a timely manner with a view to eliminate the root cause and prevent recurrence.
  • To work and act in such a way that each task performed as individuals or as teams lead to excellence and enhances the credibility and image of the organization.

Our team of dedicated professionals work with passion to maintain and continually improve the quality, keeping with our mission objectives.


Our first ISO certification process was successfully completed in 1996 and awarded ISO 9002-1994. Strict implementation of our Quality Management System is maintaining our certification updated and valid till date holding the present certification ISO-9001 : 2008. We are highly appreciated by our clients for the quality of our service rendered to them. The Awards and Appreciation we received from them are countless.